Secure Bind

Last updated by Shayne M on January 10, 2015 14:38

Secure BIND is available in version >

Secure bind allows you to bind applications to the VPN connection, once launched the application will be unable to access the internet unless connected to the VPN

This feature is currently in Beta and should be tested with each application, Internet Explorer does not work with this method and some other applications may not work also - You will need to specifically test your application before using this feature, if the application does not work you may wish to use the "Disable Internet on disconnect" option from the settings menu.

Chrome / Opera and Safari work, utorrent has also been tested.

In order to use this functionality open the Menu and click on Secure BIND.

VPNSecure Secure Bind IP

Click Add Program and add the "EXE" of the application you wish to add.

Example, to add Google Chrome it would be located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

VPNSecure Secure Bind IP Launch

Once you have added the application, Connect to the VPN.

Once your connected to the VPN application then you can Launch Google Chrome from within the VPN application, This will Bind the application to the VPN connection only, from here you can disconnect / switch servers and Chrome will always only use the VPN connection to communicate with the Internet.

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