Windows 8 dot net Framework 2

Last updated by Shayne M on July 21, 2013 18:49

If your having trouble installing the client on windows 8, it's possible that .NET version 3.5 is not enabled, this only effects some versions of Windows 8.

To enable the .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 8

  1. On the Start screen, start to enter Control Panel.

    As you enter that name, the Control Panel icon appears under the Apps heading.

  2. Choose the Control Panel icon, choose the Programs icon, and then choose the Turn Windows features on or off link.

  3. Make sure that the .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0) check box is selected, and then choose the OK button.

    You don’t need to select the check boxes for any child nodes for optional components of the .NET Framework.

    The .NET Framework 3.5 is enabled if it wasn't already.

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