Why my Google search shows wrong location

Last updated by Sam K on July 23, 2021 12:11

If you connect to our proxies/VPNs and notice that Google displays an incorrect location for your IP address when connected to it, don’t be alarmed. The accuracy of geolocation databases varies and even Google is sometimes very inaccurate. Before submitting a support ticket, first, check your IP address against a different geolocation lookup service to determine where your IP address is really located. We recommend https://www.vpnsecure.me/ip/

Google Play and other Google resources make use of their proprietary Geo-location system. They do not use standard Geo-location databases, like MaxMind for example, to determine where a proxy server is located. So, if you are using our proxies with Google Play or other Google services, the IP/hostname addresses we assign you may not be recognized by Google as the country you’re expecting.

Fortunately, we offer many different options for one country server. You can try other servers & check Google Accuracy on that one.

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