Send email with VPN Secure

Last updated by Shayne M on March 06, 2017 21:51

*Only Port 25 is blocked - TSL/SSL Email ports are open.

We have been forced to block outgoing SMTP email access on our shared IP servers due to abuse by spammers.

There are two ways around this:

  1. Purchase a dedicated IP, and we can unblock smtp access for your IP only as well as do whatever custom port forwarding rules you require.
  2. Set routing rules to bypass the VPN for your specific mailserver IP's. If you use our windows OpenVPN application, click "settings" then "routes" and enter your mailserver addresses in there. If you write me a ticket to [email protected] or open a live chat session I can walk you through this in more detail :)

Were sorry for the inconvenience, but this is an unfortunate trade off required because we do not log our users traffic at all. Since we don't log traffic, we cannot stop individual spammers if they're using our shared IP servers and it was causing some of our servers to get shut down for abuse.

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