Disable WebRTC in Chrome and Firefox

Last updated by Shayne M on January 27, 2016 06:12

A huge security flaw has recently been discovered. The security glitch affects users of Windows OS and some Linux Distros

The vulnerability, essentially known as WebRTC, affects the users of Chrome and Firefox browsers, and enables websites to see the real IP address of users even while they are using a VPN to stay anonymous 

WebRTC does not affect Mac OSX or Android users, 

Windows users, however, need to take additional steps to stay anonymous.

Chrome Browser on Windows

Download WebRTC Leak Prevent add-on/extension

(Please keep this extension upto date)

Firefox Browser on Windows

1) Type about:config in the address bar of Firefox.

2) Click on “I’ll be careful, I promise!”  [The message depends on the version of Firefox installed]

3) A list will open with a search bar.  type: media.peerconnection.enabled and hit enter.

4) double-click on media.peerconnection.enabled to turn its value to false.

5) Close the about:config tab 

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