HTTP Proxy: Anonymising Shockwave Flash connections

Last updated by Shayne M on May 22, 2013 09:07

In some configurations shockwave & flash sites are able to bypass your browsers proxy settings and make direct connections from your real IP to their hosts.

In the case of geoblocked streaming sites this can stop you being able to watch content with an error.

OpenVPN and PPTP/L2TP connections do not have this problem because they will force ALL traffic from ALL applications to go via our servers, however HTTP proxy and SSH tunnels rely on the applications obeying your proxy configuration.

There are two different methods to fix this privacy issue.

Windows - MMS.cfg

  • On Windows, first, go to %Windir%\System32\Macromed\Flash
  • In this directory, create a text file named mms.cfg.
  • Open this file with your text editor, and write the following line: 
  • This will disable the possibility of flash to connect to websites without using the proxy of the browser.

Linux - MMS.cfg

This trick will work with the ADOBE flash version only, not the open source ones. In ubuntu this would be the package flashplugin-nonfree.

  • You need to add "DisableSockets=1" to /etc/adobe/mms.cfg (create the adobe folder if it doesn't exist)
  • Fastest way is to open a terminal window and run the following:
sudo mkdir /etc/adobe && sudo echo "DisableSockets=1">>/etc/adobe/mms.cfg

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