How to share VPN to your AppleTV (Mac)

Last updated by Sam K on June 01, 2020 22:52

How to share VPN to your AppleTV, ChromeCast, Fire Stick, Smart TV, Playstation & Xbox using Mac.

You’re using your VPNSecure VPN on your computer, tablet, and phone. But now you’d like to use it on a smart TV or other device in order to watch your favorite shows. This device could be the Apple TV, ChromeCast, Samsung TVs, Panasonic TVs, Nintendo, Playstation, XBox, or anything similar.

Most of these devices do not allow you to specify a VPN in their network settings. And most also don’t allow third-party applications to be installed on them. So, the solution is to connect to the VPNSecure using a laptop or computer with a wired or 2nd Wifi connection, and then share that connection over Wifi with the smart TV/other device. The smart TV thinks it’s connecting to a Wifi router when it’s actually connecting to your computer/laptop. Here are instructions to do this.

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1. Connect to a wired Ethernet connection or 2nd Wi-Fi connection using, for example, a Wifi USB stick, then connect to your VPNSecure account.

2. Open System Preferences->Network. Select the VPN connection on the left that you setup in step 1. In the image below, it’s named “VPN (PPTP)”. Click the Advanced button and make sure “Send all traffic over VPN” is checked

3. Open System Preferences->Sharing. Select Internet Sharing on the left. Under “Share your connection from” select “VPN (PPTP)” or whatever your VPN connection in step 2 is named. Under “To computers using” select “Wi-Fi”. Click the Wi-Fi Options button to set the name of the Wi-Fi network and password.

4. On the left, click the checkbox next to Internet Sharing. You’ll be prompted “Are you sure you want to turn on Internet Sharing?”. Click the Start button.

5. From your Apple TV or other device, connect to the new Wi-Fi network you named in step 3.

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