Last updated by Shayne M on May 25, 2013 18:42

Proxomitron can forward requests to our Proxy that requires Authentication. This allows for devices such as Xbox's and Playstations that cannot handle the authentication to the proxy.

In these cases you will need to run a local proxy, and connect those devices to it - and then the local proxy will forward request to our servers and handle authentication.

To do this on windows with Proxomitron:

    1. Download the latest version of  Proxomitron
    2. Follow the prompts to install, and run the application
    3. Download the default.conf file from this tutorial and save on your desktop
    4. Click "File" > "Load Config file"
    5. Browse to your desktop and select the default.conf file.
    6. Select "Proxy" -> change the proxy value to the server you wish to connect to, the list is available in the members area 
    7. right click in the white space and select "Advanced Proxy Settings
    8. Enter your username and password.
    9. Click "Ok" Twice.
    10. Select the save button, the green disk.
    11. If you wish your browser to use the local Proxomitron server -> local proxy - server address , port 8080
    12. Configure your devices you want to connect to your computers ip, port 8080. 

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