Setup PPTP on your Kindle Fire

Last updated by Sam K on June 01, 2020 22:27

Configure the PPTP on your Kindle Fire

Go into your device’s settings by swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping the Settings cog.

From the “Settings” panel, select Wireless & VPN.

From the “Wireless & VPN” panel, select VPN.

You might encounter a warning asking you to set a lock screen PIN or password. Tap OK. (If you don’t see this warning because you have already set a lock screen PIN or password, please skip this step.)

On the “Lock Screen Password” screen, enter a PIN of your choice in both fields. Tap Finish.

Select the plus (+) sign to add a new VPN profile.

In the “Edit VPN profile” panel, please do the following:

Name: enter a VPN profile name (you can make this up).

Type: select PPTP.

Server address: enter the server address.

Swipe up the screen to reveal more options. Make sure you check the box for PPP encryption (MPPE).

Then tap Save.

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Connect to the VPN server location

To connect to your new VPN profile, tap the chain icon.

To connect to your new VPN profile, enter the username and password that you obtained earlier. Check the box for “Save account information”, then tap Connect.

Awesome! Your VPN profile is now working on your Fire OS device.

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