Windows: OpenVPN Stop internet connection when disconnected from VPN

Last updated by Shayne M on July 23, 2021 12:10

To protect yourself against accidentally leaking your true ip if the VPN connection were to drop out we have a system of batch files you can use.

These will break your regular internet connection so that traffic will not be allowed in or out except via the VPN, and need to be manually run when you want to start and stop using the VPN.

You will need a few details about your current networking setup to continue, these can be gathered by pressing the start button, hit run, enter "cmd.exe" in the textbox and then enter. Then type "ipconfig /all" to bring up your current network adapters and settings:

Your regular network adapters nameLocal Area Connection 2

Your normal ip address:

Your subnet mask:

Your default gateway:

Then you need to open a text editor like notepad and create and save these two files, somewhere handy like on your desktop.

Customise these with your own network settings, as learned above.  The last ip address in protectme.bat, needs to be a fake & broken gateway address that doesn't exist in your network. In most cases you can just change it to almost any other ip besides the current one, but in crowded/larger networks you may need to get creative. For example if your gateway is really , changing it to should work.

ProtectMe.bat: -> This batch file is to disable your local network connection, so traffic can only pass via the VPN

netsh int ip set address "Local Area Connection 2" static

EnableLocalNet.bat-> This file will enable your local network connection again, for using your regular internet connection.

netsh int ip set address "Local Area Connection 2" static

When you're finished with the VPN and want to return settings to normal, you would disconnect, and right click "enablelocalnet.bat" and run that as administrator.

And thats it!

Note: In some cases to return your connection to normal you will need to use DHCP instead of a Static IP as defined above. You can do this by changing the "enablelocalnet.bat" to read (changing the network name and gateway to your router ip)

netsh interface ipv4 set address name="Local Area Connection 2" source=dhcp gateway=

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